Tidbits About Writing My Book

20170705_124411I’ve been working on my book for a year and a half now and I’m finally on the last two chapters. I’ve had to work on these in tandem because the end of the book is dramatic and the events in the chapters follow an action/reaction pattern. My book is written in two parts, and it’s been an interesting process because I wrote the first part pantser style, and the second part I had to outline. The ending has been a combination of the two. I still prefer pantsing to plotting, but sometimes I really did have to think things out before I set them to paper so I didn’t get confused. I also needed to create a timeline. This helped tremendously in moving things forward!

Another thing I did was edit as I go, especially if there were structural issues. I know seasoned authors tell us not to do this, but I did it, because I figured that during the true editing phase, I’ll have a lot less to clean up and revisions will go quicker.

As far as actual book creation, I’m looking forward to sitting with my cover designer and watching him work his magic to make my book cover come to life. Oh, and by the way, deciding on a title for the book was the hardest part of this project. The story is a trilogy, and I named the other two books with no problem, but nothing “sang” with this first book. I finally hit on something, and it fits the series quite well.

While I’m excited to finish the writing of the book, I’m not looking forward to the business end of things. It’s a necessary evil, but a tedious one. I’ve hit social media already and plan to do some paid advertising as well. I can’t wait for everyone to meet Margarita and get to know her.

Okay, my break is over. Guess I better get back to that ending now….